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Rent-a quad and Quad adventures

QuadIf you want to enjoy exciting situation in order to get your adrenaline flowing, if you have an adventurous spirit, this website best suits you! We give you the possibility of renting our Quad-ATV vehicles, suited for every type of ground.
If you want to know independently the beautiful Istrian nature, rent our Quad vehicles and drive anywhere you like!

If you don't know the Istrian ground our guides will accompany you during the whole itinerary and you will be able to admire the beauties of the nature and in a safe and amusing way to explore the marvellous Istrian nature. Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Driving Quad vehicles you will feel such a sense of freedom! You will become enthusiastic about this experience. Everyone who has driven them at least once in his or her life can't forget this experience and wants to drive the popular QUAD vehicles again.

We give you the following possibilities of renting them:
  • Half day rental = 70 €
  • Whole day rental = 111 €
  • Weekend rental = 222 €
  • Over two days = the price is agreed upon
If the price is agreed upon you will be able to take the vehicles anywhere you like.
For single persons, groups, families with children we offer different organized Quad advantures with a guide or without him.
The price will be agreed upon according to your wishes and naturally your possibilities.

For driving these vehicles you don't need any experience of driving Quad vehicles. We advise the participants to rent Quad vehicles according to their own age and driving capacities.
Book a date in time and a Quad vehicle will wait for you anywhere you like!
Barban, Draguzeti 32
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GSM: 098-254-098

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